Vol. 23 No. 2 (2020): May Issue
May Issue

Original Articles

Wuraola Akande-Sholabi, Ayomide Iluyomade, O.S. Ilesanmi, R Adisa
147 - 153
Perception and Use of Herbal Medicines Among Clients Visiting Selected Community Pharmacies in Ibadan, Nigeria
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D.N. Dike, T.O. Ajala, O.A. Odeku , J.M Afolabi, Ademola A Oyagbemi, Mathew Olugbenga Oyeyemi
155 - 164
The Pharmaceutical Properties, Microbial Quality, In-vivo Aphrodisiac Effect and Safety of Some Herbal Bitters Sold in Southwest Nigeria
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Mildred E John, Ekpoanwan E Esienumoh
165 - 169
Respectful Maternity Care and Midwives' Caring Behaviours During Childbirth in Two Hospitals In Calabar, Nigeria
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A.D. Nsemo, Idang Neji Ojong, R Agambire , G Afoakwah
171 - 180
Pregnant Teenagers’ Perception And Access To Focused Ante Natal Care Services in a Ghanaian Government Hospital
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Ekpoanwan E Esienumoh, J Allotey , H Waterman
181 - 191
A Participatory Evaluation of the Outcome of Actions Taken Toward the Prevention of Maternal Mortality in a Rural Community in Nigeria
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Ayodele Akinremi, A Ratumaiyale , Elizabeth Younger , Peni Vailave , Isimeli Tukana , Akeneta Kacunisawana, Menaz Bibi , Rineshwar Lal , Venasio Ramabuke , Maria Waloki
193 - 197
A Survey of Undiagnosed Hypertension among Market Traders in Suva, Fiji Islands
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O.E. Agboola, Onoja Mathew Akpa, Abel Akinsola Ojagbemi , Rotimi Felix Afolabi
199 - 205
Multilevel Modelling of The Predictors of Post-Stroke Depression in South-West Nigeria
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Ismaheel Aderogba Azeez, Olusoji Mayowa Ige, Temitope Ilori, Oyindamola Bidemi Yusuf
207 - 211
Prevalence of Uncontrolled Hypertension at a Secondary Health Care Center in South-Western Nigeria
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C.C. Okide , O Grey-Ekejiuba, chukwuemeka M Ubaka, N Schellack , M Okonta
213 - 220
Parents’ Knowledge, Attitudes and Use of Antibiotics in Upper Respiratory Infections in Nigerian Children
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K.C. Amorha, C.V. Ugwu, chukwuemeka M Ubaka, M.J. Okonta, C.V. Ukwe
221 - 226
Community Pharmacists' Competence for Educating Asthmatic Patients on the Use of Inhalers and the Peak Flow Meter
K.A. Kyei , J.W Oswald , A.U. Njoku , J.B. Kyei , V Vanderpuye, P Tschida
227 - 232
Anxiety and Depression among Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Treatment in Ghana
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T Raimi T, J.O. Fadare, S Dada, A Adeoti, K Adekeye, A Ajayi, O Ajayi
233 - 237
Endocrine Admissions in a Tertiary Hospital in Nigeria: A 5-Year Review of Pattern and Trend
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Ayodeji .J. Ajibare , O.D. Ayodele, L.A. Olayaki
239 - 245
Mifepristone Ameliorates Sleep Deprivation - Induced Oxidative Stress in the Testis of Rats
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E.M. Ngala , H.I. Ninsiima, P.C. Anatole
247 - 252
Zinc and Linoleic Acid Protect Against Behavioural Deficits In Rat Model Of Parkinsonism Induced With Rotenone
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A.M. Ajayi, R.O Arasi, B Ben-Azu, J.C. Godson, S. C. Umukoro, A.O. Aderibigbe
255 - 265
Nigerian Psychoactive Alcoholic Herbal Mixture Impacts Behavioural Performance and Caused Brain Biochemical and Histopathological Alterations in Mice
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U.O. Njoku, C.G Umeh, M.O. Ogugofor
267 - 272
Anti-ulcerogenic Activity of Methanol Fraction of Hibiscus asper Leaves in Albino Rats
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Samuel A Onasanwo, L Okoroma, Abayomi O Ige, A.E. John-Omolola
273 - 276
Effects of Hedranthera barteri Root Extract on Gastric Emptying and Intestinal Motility in Wistar Rats
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P Appiah-Thompson, J. Meier, F Baiden, E.K. Acheampong, S.C. Akotey, C.M. Honu-Mensah , G Amoo-Quaye , G Amoo-Quaye , M Adanusa
277 - 281
Prevalence and Determinants of Hearing Loss Among Primary School Children in Selected Schools in the Central Region of Ghana
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G.T. Fadupin, O.O Olaitan, E.T. Itasanmi, J.E Okolosi
283 - 288
Breastfeeding Knowledge and Factors Associated with Breastfeeding Initiation among Post-partum Mothers in Selected Areas in Ibadan, Nigeria
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Adesola C. Odole, C.F. Mbaike , B.O.A. Adegoke
289 - 292
Test-Retest Reliability and Internal Consistency of a Nigerian (Yoruba) Version of Disabilities of The Arm, Shoulder and Hand Questionnaire (DASH -Y)
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Short Communication

Sunday Ogunsuyi Popoola, A.E. Omonisi , W.O. Odesanmi
293 - 296
Sources of Cadaver for Anatomic Sciences in an Evolving Medical Institution
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